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Revolutionizing Agriculture: Embracing Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Practices for Long-Term Success

Economic Viability through Biodiversification

In contrast to the classical methodology of Agriculture, which relies on modular models targeting singular parameters, BiooNat advocates for a revolutionary approach. Traditional methods fall short in addressing the long-term sustainability of farming practices, particularly in mitigating the harmful effects of agro-chemical accumulation.

Our solution emphasizes a biological approach, focusing on the enhancement of local and native biomes. By promoting biodiversification of Lebanese lands, BiooNat empowers farmers to combat the challenges posed by climate change while ensuring economic viability.

Join us in embracing this groundbreaking shift towards environmentally friendly and economically sustainable agriculture.

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BioSoil is a ground-breaking alternative & soil amendment to chemical fertilizer applications at the commercial production level. It is a soil amendment having biological function under the scope of regenerative agriculture. BioSoil facilitates and encourages biochemical reactions in the soil to increase nutrient availability, uptake and assimilation. BioSoil does so by promoting two phenomenon which naturally occur in the soil – Cationic Exchange Capacity & Isomorphous Substitution.



BioFert is a powerful soil amendment and organic solid fertilizer. Derived from Free-Range goat manure and seaweed extracts, BioFert provides a balanced level of plant nutrition and made sustainable due to its biological functionality. BioFert offers a complex consortium of beneficial, non-invasive and non-antagonistic microorganisms including mychorrizae.


Bioonat produces economic, locally sourced & purely organic products. they combine Free-Range
goat manure with seaweed extracts and introduces a large consortium of beneficial, synergistic &
non-invasive microorganisms.

These microorganisms facilitate the mineralization, solubilization
and assimilation of residual elements leftover from previous production cycles.

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