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Innovative Natural Soil Amendment and plant nutrients formulated from natural organic and cow manure disinfected, collected Bioprocesses, contains natural yeast, organic substances fossil humified compounds, amino acids, oligopeptides,  enzymes, humic acid, fulvic acids, algae and multivitamins, these natural organic compound have undergone a long Bioprocess of controlled aerobic fermentation activated with selected natural enzymes, microorganisms, inhibiting anaerobic bacteria, malodor and pathogens.

The goat manure is treated and disinfected at site with selective natural biological products BIOFERT to control and stop regeneration of insects and pathogens.
After collection to the processing plant, the cow manure is soaked in water, treated and disinfected with the same biological product BIOFERT .
After processing, the powder and the liquid is separated for further fermentation, maturation and enrichment with natural Agri organic products, mainly amino acids and other products listed in the composition.


  • Very rich in natural beneficial microorganisms.
  • BIOFERT contains high percentage of Humic and fulvic acid and organic substances, needed for soil structure and texture, mainly in Calcareous soil.
  • BIOFERT is free of harmful Fungi Bacteria, Nematodes, Weed seeds and Pests, due to natural dehydration procedure of fresh manure.
  • Easy to handle, store, transport and spreading in the field and has no smell.
  • It regenerates the biological, physical and chemical soil exhausted by intensive cultivation.
  • Activates and promotes the degradation of plant residues to produce organic matter and humus in soil.
  • Creates antagonist action against the pathogens in soil

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