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Organic Insecticides and Pesticides


Organic insecticides and pesticides refer to natural substances derived from plant or mineral sources that are used to control pests and diseases in agriculture. Unlike synthetic pesticides, which are made from chemicals and can be harmful to humans and the environment, organic insecticides and pesticides are considered safe and environmentally friendly.

Organic insecticides and pesticides work by disrupting the life cycle of pests, repelling them from plants, or killing them on contact. Some of the most common organic insecticides and pesticides include neem oil, pyrethrin, spinosad, and diatomaceous earth.

One of the main advantages of organic insecticides and pesticides is that they are less harmful to beneficial insects such as bees, ladybugs, and butterflies, which play an important role in pollination and pest control. Organic insecticides and pesticides are also less likely to contaminate soil and waterways, reducing the risk of harm to humans and wildlife.

In addition, organic insecticides and pesticides can be effective in controlling pests and diseases, although they may require more frequent application and may not be as potent as synthetic alternatives. Organic insecticides and pesticides can also be used in conjunction with other organic farming practices, such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and intercropping, to create a holistic approach to pest management.

Overall, organic insecticides and pesticides offer a natural and safe way to control pests and diseases in agriculture. While they may require more time and effort to apply than synthetic pesticides, they offer numerous benefits to both farmers and the environment, promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting human and environmental health.

BIORESH is a highly effective and safe product that can be used to control and eliminate public insects such as mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, bees, and more. It is perfect for use in a variety of settings such as kitchens, garbage areas, dumps, slaughtering houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, cafeterias, food processing plants, livestock farms, and agro-industries.

One of the standout features of BIORESH is that it is completely biodegradable, which means that it will not contaminate the environment or harm any animals or humans. It is also gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation.

BIORESH is highly effective at preventing the regeneration and development of flies and crawling insects. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to control insect populations in public areas or prevent infestations from developing in the first place.

BIORESH is a versatile and reliable product that can help to improve the hygiene and safety of any environment where public insects are a concern.


The active ingredients of  BI0RESH are botanical extracted from several plant species and aromatic repellent plants, mainly natural pyrethrum flower and Sephora flavescent, citrus oil, eucalyptus, lavender, oregano, geranium, citronella


– Aromatic oil plants – Sephora flavescent plants – Doris indicia


Two formulations are prepared for applications:

1) Ready for use, applied directly without mixing with water, using hand sprayer. 2) Water mixing formulation

Mix biofresh with water at a rate of 5ml/ liter of water. Use hand spray or knapsack sprayer, for animal and poultry farms, mix 10ml with one liter of water, using knapsack sprayer or Moto pump to cover walls, ground and equipment.


BIOFRESH could be used safely to control and propel public insects (Mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, bees, etc.) in kitchens, garbage, dumps, slaughtering houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, cafeteria, food processing, livestock farms and agro-industries.BIOFRESH is biodegradable, it does not contaminate the environment and it does not irritate or offend the skin or mucus of men or animals. 

It prevents flies and crawling insects from regeneration and development. 


 BIOFRESH is botanical natural product for sanitation, nontoxic and does not produce irritating dermoepithelial pathologies and, if accidentally breathed in, it does not cause internal irritations to pulmonary alveoli or bronchial cilia. We recommend washing with soap and water any parts of the body that should come into contact with the product, keep out of reach of children

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